Asteroid: Is today the last day of humanity? This giant asteroid has come very close to Earth! | The asteroid, which is three times the size of the Statue of Liberty, will magnify when it falls to Earth

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Today is the last day of the destruction of mankind? Do not want to cut the risk. Again, the thousandth asteroid is speeding towards Earth. According to a NASA report, a dangerous giant space object called ‘2021 NY1’ is approaching Earth. This giant asteroid went close to Earth. As a result, accidents can happen at any time.

This year, asteroids scattered in space have been making repeated attempts to hit Earth. According to sources, NASA measured the size of ‘2021 NY1’, which is about 330 meters, which is three times the size of the Statue of Liberty. It is estimated to be moving towards Earth at a speed of about 33,619 km. According to NASA, objects close to Earth are asteroids orbiting our planet at a distance of 1.3 times less than Earth and the Sun. Recently, the space agency’s radar caught the planet, this time the asteroid coming towards Earth is the thousandth according to NASA.

Meanwhile, NASA’s JPL 1001st asteroid has been discovered. This 1001st asteroid coming close to Earth is bigger than ever. The 2018 AJ 193 asteroid passed our planet Earth at a distance of about 3.4 million kilometers. ‘Apophis’ has caused a great deal of controversy with claims of an asteroid crash. Because data can eliminate all chances of any catastrophe for the next 100 years.

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