Aaron Boone is not worried about his job

Aaron Boone is not worried about his job

The New York Yankees could end their relationship with manager Aaron Boone at the end of this campaign, whose contract expires after the 2021 season.

If the Yankees have faith in themselves CaptainThey would have already extended his current contract. But this is not the case. So the next few weeks will be decisive in his case.

However, the concerned Chief Minister is not concerned more than necessary.

“I don’t care about that. I like what I do. I’m comfortable with whatever.”

While the Bronx Bombardiers have had at least 100 wins in their first two years, the approvals from his general manager Brian Cashman are less promising.

And with good reason. Not only does the manager often make questionable decisions, but sometimes he is unaware of the lack of effort in his coaching. Protecting your flock is good, but there are limitations.

We have to give him back what belongs to Caesar: he was able to change the side wind, among other things, in a series of 13 consecutive victories. But the latter seems to have come back in his shoes, at the worst possible time.

If Joe Girardi loses his job after the Championship Series elimination, I don’t know how Boone will be able to retain him at the end of the season, except for a miracle.

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