Theater: Join the Thames My Scan Workshop in London

Les comédiens de la troupe Tamise en scène à Londres

After several months of interruption with Covid, Adlier’s Tamis My Scan resumes operations in central London, in French!

The company sets up its suitcases in the new, newly renovated rooms of the French Protestant Church (EPFL) in Soho Square, London. Julian Balagias has been teaching and acting at Tamise En Scène since 2015 Advanced groups (Monday evening) and Intermediaries (Wednesday evening).

The Initial Committee (Tuesday evening), now headed by Aurore Martin. After coming to London in 2012, Tamis was an actress with My Skin, who recently co-produced and starred in the June 2019 Traton Arms with Michael-Marc Bouchard’s Les Muse Orphanage.

Theater as a Globotrotter

Before coming to the UK, Aurore had already crossed the levels of Hong Kong and conducted theater workshops with small children in Paris. Arrow did not stop practicing acting in Paris (of course Jean-Laurent Cochet), in Hong Kong (HK Theater Association) and in London (especially Marshall Griffin, Helen Wilson, Charlotte Primble). At the same time, he continued to expand his theater and film projects in London.

While advanced and intermediate courses aim to produce a play at the end of the year, elementary courses focus more on producing stage games, two-person scenes, and a solo.

There are certain places in each group. Feel free to email any information request: [email protected]

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