Moroccans bought visas in France for 8,000 euros

Moroccans bought visas in France for 8,000 euros

A Schengen visa

The illegal immigration network between Morocco and Europe was removed by border police in Corsica, France. Several people were arrested, including some who were able to obtain genuine residence permits against 8,000 euros.

A real network of counterfeits has now been removed in France. They succeeded in setting up an illegal immigration network between Morocco and Europe. Pot oaks roses found by border police in Corsica were able to catch many, including some who had genuine residence permits obtained against 8,000 euros.

The network was removed from an illegal immigrant arrested in Corsica. Investigators saidAFP Stumbled upon an operating system unknown to the police. This is how they hit the heads of the Moroccan network Bloody, Allowed to find their mode of operation.

The newspaper notes that Moroccans have affixed a genuine Chinese or Thai visa to their passport for ,000 8,000. The fakes boarded a flight to China or Thailand and sought refuge using a parking lot in Germany. Once out of the German detention center, these Moroccan people returned to France, Italy or Spain.

Through this channel, in an interval of eighteen months, 195 outlaws were transferred from Morocco to Frankfurt, Germany. At best, keep going BloodyIn France, “some, thanks to contacts in the province of Seine-et-Marne, were able to obtain a real residence permit against 8,000”. Eleven people were arrested, including four French men charged.

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