Top 10 YouTube Gaming Channels – Breakflip

Top 10 YouTube Gaming Channels - Breakflip

There are millions of channels on YouTube, but do you know the 10 most popular channels in video games? We deliver them to you!

YouTube channels are dedicated to video games in which a person playing themselves has gone viral on the internet. The principle of these channels is simple: take pictures of yourself while playing while sharing ideas and concepts such as graphics, plots, characters and game progress. Millions of subscribers subscribe to these channels, especially YouTube and Amazon. Twitch TV was bought by Amazon some time ago. To compete with this channel, YouTube launched its own streaming platform called Gaming. The “Let’s Play” event will not stop as an example of this article Forbes.

Here are the ten most followed player channels on YouTube.

Ten channels with the most subscribers

# 10. The Diamond Minecard. 25.6 million subscribers

YouTube Daniel Robert Middleton, also known as DandymDm Online, is an English gamer, musician and writer of The Diamondminecraft. The 29-year-old is known for his reviews of games like Pokemon, Roblox and especially Minecraft. The latter is very popular among players. Tanditm has released several “mod showcase” videos that can help players in the sports world. To complete his videos, the player has also added videos from Grand Theft Auto V, Carrie’s Mode and Terreria.

# 9. CaptainSparkless. 11.2 million subscribers

Banner-Captain Barclays

The 29-year-old American once attended a Minecraft game and uploaded a video parodying the song “Gangnam Style”. This “Minecraft style” video was viewed a million times in just a few days. After garnering more than 37 million views, she was removed from Jordan Maron’s Channel CaptainSparkless. Player has shared videos of many games, such as The Ship, Grand Theft Auto V, Depth or Carrie’s Mode.

# 8. Markiplayer. 29.9 million subscribers


Mark Edward Fishbach’s channel has a large number of videos since it was created in 2012. This American player releases several videos a day and the “Let’s Play” videos are very different, horror games and many more. Frightened Pixels, Sonic Dreams Collection, My Bones or Lakeview Cabin.

# 7. Syndicate Project. 9.78 million subscribers


Tom Cassell is a British player who has more than 1.7 billion views since his YouTube channel was created in 2010. Originally this player created Hollow and Modern Warfare 2. videos. To this he added videos about games like Minecraft. He was able to reach one million subscribers on, and he was the first user in this case.

# 6 KSIOlajidebt. 14 million subscribers

Banner- KSIOlajidebt

English rapper and player YouTuber Olajit Olayinka Williams Olatunchi is an athlete “Let’s play” player. On his channel, several videos have been posted where he has been playing FIFA football games for a long time. This game is his favorite and other videos uploaded with the theme of gym or music festivals are about his life.

# 5. VEGETTA777. 32.6 million subscribers


Samuel de Luke, Spanish YouTuber, regularly publishes videos of Minecraft and a lot of other games. The “Let’s Play” movement in Spain and Latin America has seen a breakthrough, thanks to this player who fully uploads videos in Spanish. More than 2,400 downloaded videos are credited to him.

In addition to the quality content, YouTube pays more attention to details, for example the most beautiful Banner for YouTube, As well as previews for videos.

# 4. SkyDoesMinecraft. 11.3 million subscribers


Adam Dollberg of the United States released a video online in 2011 titled “Sky Dus Minkraft Episode 1: Shelter”, which explains how the game is played. Thanks to his viral videos, he is one of the most followed accounts on YouTube. Every day, YouTube releases a video in which Mini-Games delights its animated subscribers with Minecraft footage.

# 3. ElrubiusOMG. 40 million subscribers


Ruben Toplas Gundersson, the Spanish player, posts videos with the playful but humorous content of the “Let’s Play” movement. In his country, the player is very popular and recognizes Spanish talent Videos “Let’s Play”.

# 2. Vanos Gaming. 25.6 million subscribers


Vanos Gaming, a channel created by Canadian Evan Fang, is very popular and has more than 25 million subscribers, making it one of the 12 most followed channels on YouTube. Vanos Gaming’s specialty is not “play” videos but “fun moments” content. Evan Fang worked as a designer on the survival horror game Dead Real.

# 1. PewDiePie. 110 million subscribers


Felix Arvid Ulf Kellberg, Swedish web videographer and actor, has uploaded a large number of advanced “Let’s Play” videos with consumer games and independent games. Over the past few years YouTube has caused a great deal of controversy with its entertainment and contrasting videos.

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Although YouTube is full of different types of videos, the gaming world and the “let’s play” movement have grown, targeting a diverse audience in many languages, YouTube has created channels and released videos that have become popular video games. The flexibility, fun, and exaggerated status of all these players is such that they affect generations to come.

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