Colas is experiencing a “worry” decline

Colas is experiencing a “worry” decline

According to a study by the Australian Cola Foundation (AKF) released on Monday, the number of colas in Australia is declining rapidly, estimated at 30% in three years.

According to the AKF, cola populations have declined in all parts of Australia, with New South Wales topping the list with a 41% drop. Cola has already disappeared in 47 of the country’s 128 federal districts. There are still more than 5,000 colas in a block. In some areas, the remaining population is only five to ten specimens.

The AKF estimates that approximately 32,065 to 57,920 koalas are still alive, and since 2018, estimates have been between 45,700 and 82,100 live animals.

The report said that the 2019 and 2020 wildfires have had a major impact on the people of Cola. “But that is not the only reason. Land clearing for agriculture, housing and mining killed people. If we want to save our beloved national animal from extinction, we need urgent action to stop land clearing in better cola habitats.According to AKF President Deborah Dabart.

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