Biden’s diversity was tested at the UN

Biden's diversity was tested at the UN


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The U.S. president, who has been criticized for his unilateral action in Afghanistan and the room set against France over the submarine issue, is set to explain his diplomatic policy before the United Nations General Assembly this Tuesday.

At the time His inaugural speech in January, Joe Biden devoted 75 words generously to foreign policy “To fix [les] Alliances And the United States b “Strong and Reliable Partner for Peace, Progress and Security”. At 78, Barack Obama’s former right-hand man certainly lacks the courage and innovation. But after four horrific years of Donald Trump, shame and loneliness, some in the international community, objectively, had reason to complain.

Eight months later, the UN As the General Assembly’s high-level session begins in New York this Tuesday, the situation has changed somewhat. And with the blockbuster “America Back”, this America “back” portrayed a champion of multitasking starring Joe Biden, who has already turned a little yellow. In particular, its unilateral and “America first” management, along with anti-Govt vaccines and withdrawals from Afghanistan, and the announcement of last Wednesday’s thunderstorm. United States

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