OVH, the “European champion” of the cloud, will go public in Paris

OVH, the "European champion" of the cloud, will go public in Paris

The French data storage provider wants to raise மில்லியன் 400 million to ensure its growth against the American Amazon, Microsoft and Google sectors.

This is a French unicorn announcing its entry into the Paris Stock Exchange on Monday. Remote storage company OVHFounded in 1999 in Rupee, Cloud hopes to raise மில்லியன் 400 million “Fund its competition with Amazon to accelerate its international expansion”, Report Bloomberg.

OVHElysee and Michelin Unicorn

In 2016, OVH Rated “Over a Billion Dollars” (Enough to enter the Unicorns Club by US standards), two US investment funds K.K.R. And Tower Brook Capital Partners, which acquired 20% of its capital. Fame OVHCloud in 2019 now has 400,000 servers and among its 1.6 million customers, “Michelin Tire Manufacturer or French Presidential Palace”.

The “European Cloud Champion”, When the community presents itself, Announced in June Its IPO plan competes against Amazon, but not Microsoft and Google.

Family business

Its founder, Octave Klapa and his family – his parents came from Poland after the company was founded, and his brother Mirosla Klapa is the director of research and development – 76% of the company and “Plan to be Majority Partners”.

The IPO was carefully prepared “Years”, But knew “The setback was when a fire destroyed a quarter of it this year Data centers In Strasbourg, another was damaged. “.

However, the executive director of the American economic media explainsOVHAccording to Michael Pauline, this did not have a significant impact on customers. If some companies lose their data, legally, “Backups are their responsibility and not the responsibility of the storage companies”. The case was dismissed, however OVH Edit its offer “Guaranteed minimum security everywhere.”

Proof Bloomberg’s online media, an American financial and economic news group founded by former businessman and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is grateful for its terminals linked to its sites.


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