The Blue Jays’ first five-point inning was enough for the Toronto team to beat the Minnesota doubles 5-3 on Sunday.

Starter Jose Ferrios was allowed three runs, four wins and a six and two-thirds innings against his former team.

Perrios helped the Blue Jays beat the duo for the second time in three matches in the series.

Blue Jays (84-65) enters the last two weeks of the season and continues to retain second place in the draft from the Americans.

The Boston Red Sox are still one game ahead of the New York Yankees one-and-a-half games behind the draft teams in the first row.

Blue Jays is 15-3 in September, the best record for majors at that time. They have been at home 21-9 since Rogers returned to the center in July.

The Ontario team has not had more than 19 sports achievements since Aug. 31, 2016.

The Blue Jays sent home 10 batsmen in the first inning against doubles opener Luke Farrell (1-1).

Second pacer Marcus Semion began to double the ball to the left. He crossed the plate following a solo performance by Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Bo Picchette continued his two-run home run of the 26th with Homer. After the solos by Dioscar Hernandez and Corey Dickerson, the two players thanked Lourdes Curiel Jr. and Brevik Valera for the sequels.

Curiel raised the total amount of its Reserve Banks to 27 in September, a rise of Blue Jays.

Perrios (12-8), who has won four of his last five starts, struggled in the fourth set.

After the withdrawal, Perrios hit former Blue Jays Josh Donaldson in the right forearm.

Miguel Sano doubled Donaldson in the middle and pushed to third. Nick Gordon sent him to the double house plate in the left outer row.

After two strikeouts in the seventh inning, the duo came within two points of their opponents at Ben Rordwet’s home.

Trevor replaced Richards Perrios and he did a good job until Stopper Jordan Romano closed the books in the ninth inning. Romano collected his 19th save this season.

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