Termination of agreement with Australia: Foreigners waiting for explanation

Termination of agreement with Australia: Foreigners waiting for explanation
In Cherbourg (our photo), as in Adelaide, the news has had its impact on foreigners. (© DP)

D ‘Adelaide To Cerberg, Are 14,000 kilometers Distance and 9:30 am difference. For five years, however, the two cities were on the same wavelength, merged by an arms deal that connected the fate of many families on both sides of the world.

“We’re happy here!”

Here, The day after the announcement of the breach of this “treaty of the century”, The atmosphere is a bit special around the Gibert-Zola School in Cherbourg Seven little Australians since the start of the school year. Their objective immediately if the contract is breached Back to Australia, The risk of scheduling a deadline is not possible at this time, it does not question the institutional plan that became bilingual at the beginning of the school year.

“I imagine we have to leave,” explains an Australian from the AFP to our colleagues. We want to stay. We were absolutely happy to be here. The whole family was shocked. My daughter cried when she heard the news on Wednesday evening, continues the young woman who has moved into sight, and her husband is working on an abortion program. “

“Australians shed tears”

There is more A part of the heartbeat for foreignersWherever they are, when the time comes to start imagining coming back.

We wonder what will happen to us. The Australians welcomed us wonderfully and our children are happy and bilingual. We are now waiting to see what will happen before we tell them to leave …

French employee of the Australian Navy

For foreigners, too, everything went very quickly. The file was particularly followed (and criticized) in the Australian press. It first, on Wednesday afternoon, gave the information.

This morning, when I woke up, I saw a hundred messages from friends and relatives. It was a bit of a shock. The information was confirmed upon arrival at work. We are a group of 20-25 French people. There were tears in the eyes of the Australians, almost apologizing. While supporting the Australians, we were there to create a naval group company from scratch. It falls on us, and we see nothing coming.

An employee of the Navy Group, he was established in Australia for a number of years

The next few days should allow each other to refine the return tables.

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The Naval Committee announced yesterday that it would analyze the consequences of this decision with the Commonwealth of Australia.

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