“Journalist Peter Verlinton’s iPhone Hacked With Pegasus” | Multimedia

"Journalist Peter Verlinton's iPhone Hacked With Pegasus" |  Multimedia

IPhones belonging to former VRT journalist Peter Verlinton and his wife Mary Pamudis “may be attacked by Pegasus software”. Knack and Le Soir can see this in the intelligence report of the military intelligence service ADIV. “ADIV believes the infiltration was largely initiated by Rwanda.” Amnesty International’s security lab confirms traces of infection.

In July, it was revealed that sophisticated hacking software sold by the Israeli company NSO Group was used by dictatorial governments to spy on the smartphones of journalists and human rights activists in several countries. In Belgium, ADIV launched an investigation in response to the publications.

“Our service has identified a number of Belgian citizens as potential targets for Pegasus software. 16, 2021. “While the full investigation is still ongoing, our company determines that both Verlinton and Palmudice’s devices are likely to be attacked by Persen software. Given the complexity of NSO’s Pegasus software, ADIV is conducting further investigations to confirm our initial assessment and determine the full extent of the compromise. “

In response, the NSO team informed Nack that “if we receive credible evidence of NSO abuse, we will investigate.” “If malpractice is found, the company has sanctions – including a total shutdown of the organization.”

In a reaction to the Flemish Association of Journalists (VVJ), it says it should be stunned and take action. VVJ / AVBB urges the Belgian government to “take the cyber insecurity of journalists, among others, more seriously than it currently is.” She insists on a firm approach from everyone responsible behind the Pegasus.

According to VVJ, media companies and individual journalists should make more efforts to do their job with full security – “in the physical and online world”. “VVJ / AVBB puts the theme high on the agenda for the future”, it sounds.

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