Coming to Disney + Panasonic 4K TVs

Coming to Disney + Panasonic 4K TVs

Panasonic Corporation has announced that Disney + subscription streaming applications and services will be fitted with the My Home Screen operating system on the Panasonic 4K TVs released in 2017. TVs and Panasonic TVs allow viewers to enjoy all the content on stage with distinguished image quality.

Disney + is a streaming platform dedicated to movies and entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic and “The Simpsons” and more. In some international markets, this also includes Star’s new public entertainment content. The service offers a never-ending stream of exclusive content, including ad-free streaming and featured movies, documentaries, live TV series, animated series and short videos.

With an unparalleled offer of historical Disney movies and TV content, Disney + Walt is the exclusive streaming platform for Disney Studio’s new releases. Plus, through Star, it offers a large list of content from 20th century studios, Disney TV studios, FX, Churchlight films and more.

Disney + Apps and Content My home screen on Panasonic 4K TVs is available with EZ, EX, FZ, FX, GZ, GX, HZ, HX, JZ, JX operating system. Italy And the following countries: United Kingdom June, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Latin America.

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