What Microsoft does without passwords: What it means to users

What Microsoft does without passwords: What it means to users

Microsoft wants to make passwords obsolete in the future. On top of that Support page The company is now promoting another login option. Windows, Outlook or OnDrive users may in the future remove their own password and set the authentication processor, Windows Hello or Security keys and email or SMS verification.

Users no longer need to remember the password, but are prompted to enter a short code, which is displayed by the corresponding option. Microsoft customers can no longer forget their password and sit in front of an inaccessible account. However, if you lose the relevant verification type, you will definitely not have access yet.

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Microsoft: How to remove the password

The new functionality is set to be introduced to all customers from October 5, 2021. If you want to use the function, download an authentication application in advance. These are available for both Android and iOS smartphones and browsers. Once enabled, you can enable “Passwordless Account” in your Microsoft account under Security Options. Guide you through the menu system.

In the course of this you need to check the new option and connect. You can forget your password and only use the new variant in the future. Signing in with a password can be re-enabled at any time. However, Microsoft insists that the new options are more secure than the old passwords. After all, these can be stolen or guessed by hackers.

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