NBA Corner: The 6 most anticipated players this season

NBA Corner: The 6 most anticipated players this season

The NBA Corner Podcast welcomes Giovanni Marriott to talk about Psy Psy Trostock, especially the players to watch this season.

Expected improvement, new opportunity at a new club, return from injury etc … are all things to prove this season. After a very promising rookie season, Patrick Williams will try to continue his evolution into a Bulls team strengthened by the arrival of Demer Deroson and Lonzo Paul. Will Kemba Walker regain his excellence at Knicks? Frequently injured Jonathan Isaac must reaffirm all hopes placed on Magic after his contract extension.

Giovanni also underscores the importance of Michael Porter Jr. as one of Knuckets’ staffers who need to position himself as a serious option No. 2 behind Nicola Joachim, in the absence of Jamal Murray for a good part of the season. Paul George in the Clippers, and the winger has the potential to turn the race into an MVP this season.

Conversation Shay Kilgius-Alexander, the Thunder Point Guard is returning from injury and will confirm his excellent performance last season. With a word about Giovanni’s Theo Maleden.

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