Indo-Pacific: Caledonian Vice President Philip Gomez says Australia’s decision is “a major military, economic and political mess”

Indo-Pacific: Caledonian Vice President Philip Gomez says Australia's decision is "a major military, economic and political mess"

The decision comes as the EU adopts an ambitious strategy for the Indo-Pacific. Recalled the delegate, also the chairman of the France-Australia Friendship Committee of the National Assembly. A decision a few months before the appointment of the President of the European Council of France. ” As chairman of the France-Australia Friendship Group in the National Assembly, I can only regret this decision, no matter how horrible it suddenly became. », Philip Gomes added.

During a visit to New Zealand on May 2, 2016, with Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the extraordinary news of this exceptional partnership led to a stop in Canberra on the way back to France. The Caledonian vice president recalled in his press release.

I had the opportunity to travel with the President to Sydney on May 1, 2018, during which he promised that Australia would ratify this “Agreement of the Century”. He continues. Head of State lays the foundation of the Indo-Pacific Strategy ” Around Paris – New Delhi – Canberra Axis .

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I therefore welcome this decision of the Government of Australia with great disappointment and regret. At a time when we face great challenges in the region, the long queue of work to build a larger-scale economic and sovereign relationship between our two countries is coming to an end. It is very elegantly planned when it comes to the most long-term friendly countries. .

Despite that ” Blow back In the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, However, the region should give priority to France », Philip Gomez promises. ” This is why I will continue to serve as Vice President of France and Caledonia to strengthen cooperation between France and Australia. .

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