Open the clip. The second meteorite collided with Jupiter. Early morning 14 September.

Open the clip. The second meteorite collided with Jupiter.

On September 16, the National Astronomical Observatory reported that the meteorite had hit Jupiter until light at 05:39 AM Thai time on September 14, 2021, according to the Norit Facebook page. A meteorite is expected to fly into Jupiter after being able to record the appearing videos and then explode due to friction in the atmosphere. Jose was able to accidentally record this event Jupiter is many times larger and larger than Earth. Its enormous gravity causes Jupiter to attract many nearby objects.

Past studies have estimated that Jupiter will attract 2,000 to 8,000 times smaller objects to collision than Earth. It found that the impact of the meteorite on Jupiter averaged 11.7 times a year, hitting Comet Schumacher-Levy 9 for the first time in 1994. Jupiter’s wave forces shattered the comet before it fell into the atmosphere. A large, prominent black smash formed at that moment before it disappeared. However, no trace of the remaining explosion was found in the atmosphere in this incident.

Thanks for the info and clips from the National Astronomical Research Institute.

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