Days when temperatures crossed 50 degrees Celsius doubled

Days when temperatures crossed 50 degrees Celsius doubled

London: It has been reported that the number of days when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius will double. Between 1980 and 2009, the average number of days when temperatures exceeded 50 degrees Celsius was 14. However, between 2010 and 2019, it increased to 26 days per year BBC Reported.

The number of days when the temperature is 45 degrees Celsius or above has also increased. Areas above 50 percent increased from 220 in 1980 to 876 in 2010.

The report states that the maximum temperature for 2010-19 was 0.5 degrees Celsius compared to 1980-2009. Italy (48.8 degrees Celsius) and Canada (49.6 degrees Celsius) recorded record temperatures last summer. Temperatures rose by one degree in Eastern Europe, South Africa and Brazil, and by two degrees in the Arctic and the Middle East. Frederick Otto, co-director of the Institute for Climate Change at the University of Oxford, said the burning of biofuels was a major cause of global warming.

Content Highlights: The world sees twice as many days above 50C due to climate change

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