A hacker was arrested after a major mistake

A hacker was arrested after a major mistake

A Ukrainian hacker who cheated 2,000 passwords a week has been arrested and is now being extradited to the United States to respond to his actions thanks to a major mistake he made.

Prior to his arrest in Poland in October 2020, Clip Oleksandr Ivanov-Dolpintsev considered himself an expert on hacking. In fact, according to DoJ (United States Justice of the Justice), he forced the re-sale of the passwords of thousands of Internet users through the botnet into the dark web. His small business earned him less than $ 80,000 and brought him under US surveillance. ” After being sold on this website, evidence was used to facilitate a variety of illegal activities, including tax evasion and ransomware attacks. », According to DoJ’s official press release.

Despite his prowess in hacking, the 28-year-old was caught up in a new mistake. Through the email address he posted on the dark web, I was able to find him. His emails include his name and contact details, including his personal email address at an electronic cigarette shop. From there, police found a copy of his passport and several photographs, which led to his arrest.

The case came to the fore again almost a year after Clip Oleksandr Ivanov-Tolpindsev was deported to the United States to face his verdict.

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