[ Live report ] Opening of the Champs-Ellis Film Festival

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[ Live report ]    Opening of the Champs-Ellis Film Festival

Until September 21, 2021, the public is welcome The Champs-Elysees Film Festival showcases independent French and American films. A look at the festival’s 10th annual opening ceremony.

Tuesday, September 14, 7:30 pm: Singer Yale Naim’s voice echoes in almost the entire public cinema arena. She opens with the song Dad, Then Coward, The opening ceremony of the Champs-Ellis Film Festival. Let’s start with a little piano, a little guitar and the festival.

Sophie Tulac’s turn, in front of her desk, looks back on the festival’s 10-year existence and thanks to the public for coming despite the postponement. He presents the arbitral tribunal, which is many and very different; A press tribunal unites journalists from Elle, French culture and Le Parisien.

A short film jury consisting of singer and DJ Kitty Smile, director Alexandra Bianelli, actor and director John Zimmer and actress Corey Rossier

Finally, the film jury, before? Page? Thomas Lilly, Singer Yal Naim, Actress Agathe Russell, Director E.

After a short talk by US Director Jim Cummings, winner of the 2016 Festival, an excerpt Pierrot le fou Aired, a tribute to Belmondo and the cinema, to put it succinctly. ” In short: emotion.

To open this 10th edition of the Champs Elysees Film Festival, this is Joachim Lafos’ latest film, Restless, Was selected in the official selection of Cannes 2021 (read our review here), which was broadcast in the presence of all members of the jury.

Views: Camille Boys – Martin, September 14, 2021, Paris

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