Internet Crime: Internet and Media:

Internet Crime: Internet and Media:

Said Igor Federov, an expert at the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Safe Net Engineering Center RIA Novosti About the vulnerability he found on the integrated portal of public services.

According to him, we are talking about an indirect redirect, in which a user can be redirected to any other source, including fraudulent sites. If there is malicious software on such site, it will be automatically installed on the device.

In this case, the expert warned that the user will be shown only the first part of the link pointing to the “Kozluck” portal, and the redirected part of the link will be disconnected by social networking or Messenger. “Previously, such secret redirect systems appeared on social networks such as VKontakte, Youtube and Instagram,” Fedorov added.

To protect their devices and data, experts recommend that Russians check the link address before clicking on it. This can be done using antivirus and hyperlink decryptors. He also advised to update the software in a timely manner. These measures will help protect against vulnerabilities, including giving fraudsters time to take advantage of them, Federov concluded.

Before KnownFraudsters began frequently hacking the accounts of Russians on the State Services portal. In addition, the number of accounts for sale on Darknet has increased.

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