Luther: Image Confirmed with Idris Elba (Spoilers)

Luther: Image Confirmed with Idris Elba (Spoilers)

After discussing the sequel to the “Luther” series with a film two years later, Idris Elba may be pleased to see the project finally come to fruition.

Netflix just announced the good news on Twitter, noting that it will star alongside British actor Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis. Neil Cross, who created the series, will oversee the screenwriting.

Ruth Wilson on the streaming stage – who will play the role of Alice Morgan, who will die at the end of the final season 5 airing in 2019 – has not said whether she will return to the screen.

In June 2019, Idris Elba raised the opportunity to give a continuation of the series with a film that would resume the story from the end of the fifth chapter of the film, in which Inspector John Luther was arrested and imprisoned.

“I think John has to make some decisions in prison. It’s clear that it’s very difficult for him to become a police officer again. I think this is a good starting point for a film. The last seasons of the series were like short films. More oppressed than

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