Apple fixes one of the vulnerabilities used by Pegasus spyware

Apple fixes one of the vulnerabilities used by Pegasus spyware

Apple has announced the release of a security link for iOS, WatchOS and macOS, which fixes two serious security breaches, reports.

Just days before announcing the new iPhones and newer versions of iOS, WatchOS and MacOS, Apple has released an emergency patch and is encouraging users to install it soon.

Fixed its issues with the core graphics components of all three operating systems. Amnesty International found its first traces in August.

After examining the infected files, the cause was found and the Pegasus spyware mechanism was immediately integrated. On September 7, the report was sent to Apple, which released the link within a week.

The second vulnerability was found in Safari’s webkit engine. It’s not clear if this is related to Pegasus, but Apple says it may have already been exploited by hackers.

Apple is set to release its new iPhones on September 14th. At the same time, the US company will announce when the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and macOS can be installed.

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