Activist: This new American reality TV show is controversial

Activist: This new American reality TV show is controversial

The broadcast announcement of the reality TV show sparked controversy in the United States this weekend as enthusiasts promoted a charitable cause in competitions, especially by measuring their success through their activity on social networks.

Named “The Activist”, the show will air on the American channel CBS in October and was co-produced by NGO Global Citizen. He will be presented with stars such as singer Usher, actress Priyanka Chopra and artist Julian Hugh.

The public will follow the adventures of “Six Fighters” Who will try “Create Powerful Movements” And “To bring about real change in one of three major global causes: health, education and the environment”, Refers to the base of the chain.

Candidates “Let’s Compete in Challenges”, Their “Success is measured by the response to their online posts, social media analysis and feedback from providers”, CBS continues.

The final is set to take place at the end of the G20 summit in Rome at the end of October, where interested enthusiasts need to raise funds and “Raise public awareness about their cause”.

“A revolutionary series that combines philanthropy and entertainment + promotes activist + audience”, CBS vice president Jack Sussman said in a statement.

“Instead of turning the process into a game and giving away a portion of the money + needed + for the prize, are they not able to give money directly for militant reasons? People are dying.”, Tweet actress and feminist activist Jameela Jameel.

“It’s hard to fight for reasons. Also, you have to dance and sing for a millionaire when they decide who deserves their little pieces.”, Condemned Nabila Islam, an American activist and former Democratic candidate for Congress in Georgia.

“This is not a reality show aimed at trivializing the process.”, Defended the global citizen to the deadline site. The aim is to “show the ingenuity and commitment” of the activists “To make their reasons known to a wider audience”The NGO said it was fighting against poverty, protecting the environment and fighting for equality.

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