Vaccines and intensive care against Govt in New-Galilee

Vaccines and intensive care against Govt in New-Galilee

Especially in New South Wales, in the face of the Covit Delta variation, Australia is making the bank to vaccinate. The country has signed agreements with the United Kingdom to supply 4 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. The first to arrive in Sydney as the epidemic progressed.

The 500,000-dose Pfizer vaccine against Govt disease came to Sydney. In total, 4 million doses are planned by the end of September. Conclusion of the agreement between Canberra and London. Other arrangements had already been made with Singapore and Poland.

Purpose: 70% vaccine as soon as possible with the 2nd dose

This is to stop the spread of delta diversity in Australia, as explained by the Prime Minister of the State of New South Wales, Gladys Periglian:

750,000 people were vaccinated in New South Wales last week. We are getting closer to that 70% second dose rate, which is very encouraging. Can you please encourage everyone to get vaccinated?.

Three intensive treatment capacity in October

The number of new daily cases in particular has recently surpassed 1,200 in New South Wales. According to Gladys Periglion, the figures are increasing:

Next week (Govt) we will peak at the number of cases, so there will be a peak in the number of intensive care beds required from the beginning of mid-October.

The number of beds and the number of intensive care units in the hospital should have tripled in October. To cope with the expected arrival of patients. New South Wales is defined as the neighboring state of Victoria. The epidemic resumed in Sydney in June.

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