Tony Parker and Jules Marcelli ready to fire!

Jul et Tony Parker vont s'affronter sur la pelouse d'u vélodrome

In a few weeks, Tony Parker and Joel La Conpier will be fully welded! We assure you, we are not talking about music, but rather about an exceptional charity event. A great sports evening in perspective.

Tony Parker has always had strong relationships with San Antonio, where he spent the best years of his life, and he is considered a living legend, he is mostly in France. As the Ron Club aims to become the European standard, I have to say that as the head of ASVEL he has a lot to do, to achieve this, it is better to be close to action.

Since he is often in France, he is the greatest French leader of all time and he can give us some looks unfamiliar. On October 13, he will be on the Velotrom lawn in Marseille for a charity contest for the benefit of UNICEF. He will be accompanied by many big names in sports and hobbies including rapper Joel, and the atmosphere in this famous arena is already electric.

Certainly, Tony Parker has a thing for the best coaches … After ruling the NBA with Greg Bopovich, TP gets the chance to be under Arsene Wenger’s command for this “Heroes Match”, worth watching with all his fans with a ball in his foot. If he wants to train by then, he can always make a phone call to his best friend Thierry Henry, who will no doubt give him some invaluable advice.

For 90 minutes, Tony Parker can do a good deed and at the same time have fun and deliver to the fans. He can also find some rising young talent, and why not approach the two stars of the Marcel scene, Joel and Knobs, to talk about returning to the world of rap. Who would say no to Spurs Legend’s new album?

Tony Parker is a great basketball player and he has the opportunity to show that he has talent on a football field. Those who are being announced as the future heirs of Jean-Michel Alas led by OL will have little pressure on them.

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