The Yankees can keep Ivan Rodriguez … in his prime

The Yankees can keep Ivan Rodriguez ... in his prime

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Evan Rodriguez. Yes, he spent a season with the New Yorkers at the end of his life. Now, if you tell me that “Budge” may have been a member of the Bronx bombing at the height of his career, it’s not one. Well, that scene actually happened almost in the summer of 1997.

Appearing on the podcast, the famous catcher said that as the trade deadline approached, he was getting ready from Arlington because he was so close to being a member of the Yankees. According to Puerto Rican, the Yankees have sent in a number of players, including Andy Petit and Jorge Posada.

Imagine the Yankees – becoming a dynasty at the beginning of the millennium – may be one of the top five recipients in baseball history. Eventually, Budge told the Rangers he wanted to stay in Texas. We know the rest of the story: Rodriguez has finally signed a five-season stay with the Rangers.

As Tim Kelly of Odyssey Sports points out, Rodriguez kept him and rewarded the Rangers. Between 1998 and 2001, during the heyday of the steroid era, he won the Golden Glove in his post, was invited to the All-Star Games in those years, and placed in the top 10 for fWAR. Not to mention the 1999 MVP of America title.

Paradoxically, after he worked with the Rangers, Putty will win the World Series with the Florida Marlins against Petit, Posada and the Yankees. For a few weeks in 2008, the three men are set to reunite at the Franks.

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