The petition against Covid 19 is causing a scandal

The petition against Govt-19 is causing a scandal

In a country with the lowest vaccination rates in the world, South Australia has decided to launch an application that monitors the isolation of persons entering its territory. During the day the police send text messages, and the person, who has been in solitary confinement for 14 days, is required to take a photograph of himself in a place limited to his isolation. It is in trial but the Prime Minister of this state hopes that it will be common to all Australia.

Like New Zealand and most Asian countries, Australia has opted for a “zero govt” strategy since the outbreak. As a result, Australia’s vaccination rate is lower than the 38 OECD countries that have received less than 5% of their vaccinations, and officials continue to focus on these three steps: screen – identification – isolation. Henceforth, we need to add “monitor”.

In fact, the country has been hit hard Delta variation And the military has been stopped to respect control. In Sydney, for example, Limited to two months Because we got 600 positive cases a day. A ridiculous number compared to Europe or the Atlantic Ocean, yet the rules are seriously tightened.

Placed person & # xe9;  e & # xe0;  Isolation He has 15 minutes to photograph himself in his isolated place.  & # xa9;  Isolation at home

The isolated person has 15 minutes to take a photo of his or her isolated place. Qu Home Isolation

A selfie to demonstrate compliance with isolation

On South AustraliaCapital of Adelaide, we chose the mobile phone application to implement the prescribed isolation in 14 days. They apply to people moving from one state to another, and the state is currently testing these isolated prisons with a view to monitoring them. Home Isolation S.A.. It’s a little like that TousAntiCovid Was beyond 1984, Novel by George Orwell, based on observation.

Sure, this application enables geolocation, but it adds a touch of biometrics because users who are placed in isolation must actually prove that they are in an isolated location. How? ‘Or’ What? By sending selfie! In the application form, we find that each user directly enjoys ” Multiple and random checks of location to confirm the presence of a registered isolated address .

Common to the whole country?

In fact, the police send text during the day, and in the reception area, …

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