Salvador Perez knows a whole season (really)

Salvador Perez knows a whole season (really)

Since entering the Majors, Salvador Perez has been one of the best players in his position.

The receiver, who played the first ten years of his career with the Royals, has been enjoying one of the best seasons since his debut at the MLB.

Here is the proof:

The Royals faced the White Sox today, with Perez taking advantage of his own opportunity again. He hit the 41st longest ball of the year, now at 102 RBI.

41 rounds is no small feat. Yesterday, the 31-year-old hit his 40th season, becoming the first receiver to reach this mark after Xavi Lopez (2003).

Perez’s victory slips under the radar as he plays for the Royals in Kansas City, a quiet team for a while.

He was named World Series MVP in 2015 when the team won, but since then it has been much harder. We agree with that.

When you look at his figures for 2021, you can see why many refer to him as the “heart and soul” of the Royals organization.

He will be under contract with the Royals until 2026, keep in mind that he should not leave there anytime soon.

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