Michael Jordan’s Awesome Millionaire Comedy for Former Teammates

Michael Jordan est heureux

At his peak a planetary celebrity, Michael Jordan had one thing to leave him: money. A former team player describes a ridiculous but brilliant technique used by his Ernes in the 1990s.

During the Bulls dynasty, there were some bright people on earth Michael Jordan. A true planetary icon, MJ had to live in solitude, otherwise he would unleash “Beatlemania” torrents wherever he went. So inevitably, the legendary No. 23 march of the Bulls was discovered, with a technique … not given to everyone.

Feedback? Give his arc-luxury and unique cars in exchange for his teammates. In doing so, he was chased by a crowd of Chicago fans and convinced that Michael Jordan was inside … the real GM, in a “Lambda” car, quietly wandered off and did his business.

Chicago White Sox Baseball legend Ozzy Gillan just revealed the event recently. During that time, Jordan played for the Minor League team, and the two developed a great friendship. Gillan says:

Everywhere Michael Jordan drove, people followed him. Everything is over. One day he said to me, “Hey, don’t you want us to trade cars? I said to him: “Yes, of course what car do you have? He said I had a wonderful car, we did business as planned. I was rolling, and suddenly I saw a crowd of people behind me! I go to the restaurant and people say,” Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan! “

I told them, “Stop, I’m not Michael Jordan, I don’t want to be! Do you know what his license plate is? “Jump 23” (laughs)

With such a plate, we better understand why Chicago is patiently watching her Majesty’s cars. Ozzie Guillen quickly changed his song by recalling his car (and his peace of mind), but MJ recovered with the rest of the band. An original technique, albeit a little tricky, deserves to at least allow the living legend to drive quietly through the airy city.

Michael Jordan used his brain and his immense wealth to divert attention. Clever, on and off the floor …

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