Climate: It’s getting hot!

Climate: It's getting hot!

The heat of 2020 broke records. But this warming is not uniform on the scale of the planet. A chart taken from us Atlas Global Warming.

In 2020, the average surface temperature of the planet was 1.25 50 C higher than pre-industrial period 1850-1900, dangerously close to 1.5 நாடுகள் C The nations of the world are setting themselves up to avoid the worst effects “,” he said. Pointed out Defender In January 2021. The year 2020 equaled the 2020 record, despite the recession in economic activity caused by the Covid 19 epidemic.

One event mentioned by the La Nina event in 2020 is quite significant, although it did help cool the atmosphere. However, the temperature was very high. “This clearly indicates that the signal of man-induced climate change is now as powerful as the force of nature.” General Secretary Bettery Thalas underlines World Meteorological Organization (Om).

In fact, for many years 1980 Every decade was hotter than in the past. But this warming is not the same on the planet. Arctic surface air temperatures are warming twice as fast as the global average.

This is related not only to the population and ecosystems of the Arctic, but also to the global climate through various feedbacks, including the melting of sea ice and Greenland ice.

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