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WhatsApp takes care of the privacy of its users. There are several options for this in the application settings. You can also decide who can view your profile picture or send you a message by changing the settings. You can also hide the last display and Bluetooth on this messaging processor.

The last feature you see is letting others know when you opened or used WhatsApp. Sent to you too Share Two blue dicks in the message tell you if you read the message or not. Sometimes these features will disappear and people will start harassing you. The solution to this is as follows. You can disable your last display and blue tick by going to privacy settings.

Change WhatsApp privacy setting

To hide the last scene:

  • To hide the last scene, open the app and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Go to the setup option below. Then click on Account.

  • Then go to Privacy. The first option saw the last.
  • If you click on it, you will see 3 options. If you want to show the last scene to those in your contact list, select My Contacts.
  • If no one wants to show your last scene, choose someone. Everyone has the option to show everyone the last scene from the beginning.
  • Now no one will see when you use WhatsApp.

Hide the blue tick:

  • Go to settings as mentioned above to hide the blue tick. Then go to Account and click on Privacy.
  • Now under the last view, the Reading Receipts option will appear. Disable it.
  • The blue tick will no longer appear in your messages.

Important Note:

  • You close the last scene so that you cannot see the last scene of others. Also, if you turn off the blue tick, you will not know if others have read your message.
  • You can undo the changes made by following the steps above or choose other options.

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