“Malmவின்’s new science center can boost youth interest in science and technology.” – Sitsvenscon

"Malmவின்'s new science center can boost youth interest in science and technology."  - Sitsvenscon

Malm விரைவில் will soon have a golden opportunity to increase the interest of young people in technology and science. Niles Ekeland, a professor of science, mathematics and social studies at the University of Malm, writes that the science center, called Wistom, will open next year and pave the way for more flexible education.

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Sweden has a proud tradition when it comes to technological development for example by Volvo. But in the future? The debater writes that a way to stimulate youth interest in technology and science will soon be launched in Malm. Photo: Cornelius Pope, Cornelius

In the 20th century, Sweden was highlighted as one of the best countries in the world when it comes to creating and developing new technology. This is because students and alumni have had ample opportunities to engage in highly practical teaching and laboratory work.

Today, unfortunately, the practical elements in technology and science have been drastically reduced, and instead these subjects have been given more theoretical weight. Nevertheless, the National Agency for Education’s General Guidelines, among other things, “stimulate students’ creativity, interest and self-confidence, as well as the desire to implement ideas and solve problems.”

Isn’t it Are practical components and laboratory work the reason why young people in Sweden today lose interest in science and technology?


The Young Researchers Association and the National Institute of Education have stated that young people are not given enough opportunity to show interest in technology and science.

This was made clear in a survey of about 300 students, where they described the teaching space as very important to show extra interest in technology and science during the school days. Answers like “When I was in nature and learning on site”, “When learning environments are different”, “Excursion with class”, “When you have lessons outside the classroom”, “When we work in practice,” are the answers to the question of whether self-creation and creativity are important for motivation to create and explore. Explains.


Many companies and officials in Sweden are concerned about the lack of manpower and skills in many technical, mathematical and scientific industries. If the school does not have the opportunity to provide a laboratory environment for students, who should do this?

The fantastic investment of Malm சி City and Malm அரு Museums into the SEK 20 million donation of the Nall and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is likely to make a difference at the Science Center at Wistom. Here, sophisticated visualization technology and digital installations will increase the interest of young people and their interest in technology and science. Wistom, which opens in 2022, includes a cathedral theater where the magical world of visual effects will show how effects are created in 3D for movie and computer games.


Development work with Wistom It took place in collaboration with several business clusters, the University of Lund and the University of Malm,, and ESS and Max IV.

Universities and business researchers and academics will collaborate to promote and support knowledge for young people. In this way, opportunities are created to create, share and use knowledge that contributes to sustainable community development.

It is important that higher education and research take place in close collaboration with other parts of the community. Wistom is a great beehive with amazing knowledge explanations that can be used by students, researchers and researchers.


Wisdom Project Fits well with the mission of the University of Malm அங்கு, where higher education and research should take place in close collaboration with other parts of the community. But it should not be good words. Exercises should be very flexible and then opportunities to collaborate with Wistom can be used. Is the University of Malm தயார ready to allow students, academics and researchers to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with young people, teaching student groups and conducting research in a learning environment of wisdom? In many academies at the University of Malm, it is in principle impossible today to create unplanned programs within routine teaching and education. With Wisdom, the chances of cultivating what we often call the academy will increase Flexible learning Or Learning for change, To allow the younger generation to find ways to new knowledge and skills.


This acquisition expands the potential for achieving the UN’s fourth global goal: promoting good education for all and lifelong learning.


Niles Akeland, Professor of Science, Mathematics and Society at the University of Malm.

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