Apollo 13 on Netflix: Tom Hanks did a painful shoot

Apollo 13 on Netflix: Tom Hanks did a painful shoot

In 1995, Ron Howard signed on to one of his most cult films: “Apollo 13”. An exciting space adventure film starring Tom Hanks. However, the actor soon lived up to a memorable shot.

Apollo13 : Houston, we have a problem

Ron Howard has always been a great director from comedy (Cocoon) For heroic-imagination (Willow) No problem. In 1995, he achieved his first major critical and commercial success Apollo13. In fact, with a budget of $ 52 million, the film receives 355 million receipts. In addition, he was nominated for 9 Oscars and won two statues. Note, moreover, the famous line heard in the film: “Houston, we have a problem” Ranked 50th by American Film Company for Best Copy of American Cinema.

Apollo13 Taken from the book The Lost Moon: Apollo 13’s Dangerous Journey, By Jim Lovell. The latter was the commander of the Apollo 13 space mission, which was to lead the crew to the moon in the 1970s. So this is Ron Howard’s film inspired by this incredibly true story It saw all sorts of twists and turns and its role.

Tom Hanks didn’t come here to suffer, right?

The film stars 5-star cast including Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinis, Ed Harris and Tom Hanks. The latter is interested in Apollo space projects, Had rocket models even when he was younger. So, he quickly accepts Ron Howard’s proposal to act Apollo13. However, the preparation to play Commander Jim Lowell is serious. “Real” Jim Lowell was not much interested in playing Tom Hanks in his role (he liked Kevin Costner!). NASA retiree Tom Hanks is very tough and very icy.

Apollo 13 © Universal Images

According to the footage, the cast is forced to fly at 800 km / h on a Boeing KC-135 at an altitude of 6000 km. Ron Howard’s goal is to recreate real conditions at zero gravity. This kind of roller coaster can be very painful for Tom Hanks and his stomach, especially since these scenes can be re-enacted multiple times. All this does not prevent the actor from biting his tooth. And to engage in a way that has not yet been settled. This determination will eventually convince Jim Lowell Apollo13 In the preview. In addition, his description will receive an asteroid in his name in 1996.

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