ABBA is displaying their digital copies, which will be staged to replace them during their world tour

ABBA is displaying their digital copies, which will be staged to replace them during their world tour

On the group’s official Instagram account on September 4th Appeared Incarnations of each of the APPA singles. In digital copies, they appear to be 30-35 years old, wearing overlays with fluorescent lights.

“Look at the digital incarnations of Agneta, Bjorn, Penny and Annie-Fried at the ABBA Voyage concert” reads the photo caption.

A few days ago, during a special stream on their YouTube channel, the musicians SaidThe Future World Tour, starting in London on May 22, 2022, will take place in an unusual format. Instead of live ABBA solo songs, there will be digital copies of them on a platform called “AVBATars”.

Famous Hollywood director and creator of the Star Wars movie George Lucas was involved in creating virtual artists.


A video posted on ABBA’s official YouTube channel shows how 3D copies of the band’s singers were created. Video: AVVA / YouTube


ABBA is one of the most successful bands in pop history, selling over 350 million copies worldwide. The group was formed in 1972 and has been around for 10 years. The band derives its name from the first letters of the participants – Agnetta Feltzkock, Bjorn Alvius, Penny Anderson, Annie-Fried Lingstadt.

It was the first European group to reach the top of the list of all the leading English-speaking countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2010 for their outstanding music.

There are only eight albums in the band’s discography. In 1982, the ABBA split. In 2000, the musicians were offered $ 1 billion for a reunion and world tour, but they refused. September 2, 2021 ABPA learned about the reunion, Almost 40 years after the collapse.

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