Since August, 258 million euros have been raised by French start-ups

Since August, 258 million euros have been raised by French start-ups

As part of this review of fundraising back to school, Crazy Lists all activities announced by start-ups headquartered in France from August and September 1st. Only companies aged ten or younger will appear if all operating departments are qualified.

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iAdvize gets the app. Nantes is a startup, conversation marketing expert, in its hands – for undisclosed amounts – an expert in live shopping. Direct internet sales have been a growing segment since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis: when Europe began to accept it, this approach was 10% of online sales in some Asian countries. The iAdvize acquisition indicates that it should be allowed “Expand the conversation experience beyond the live stream and engage in large-scale opportunities in a personalized way” . The Apollos team joins at the start and has to grow even as the developer has to triple the pole. For registration, iAdvize is requesting 2,000 customer brands worldwide.

Verasite receives Haliodix. The US company, which specializes in genetic diagnostics, is investing 260 million euros in the work of biotech Marcel, an immuno-oncologist. The acquirer refers to the transaction “Aims to strengthen its presence in global markets, while at the same time expanding its scientific capabilities and diagnosing 8 out of 10 major cancers in the United States according to the incidence.” . The company insists that its manufacturing operations will take place in France.

ServiceNow receives Mapwize. The American company, an expert in simplifying digital workflows, specializes in young lily growth function, interior mapping and orientation – gets its hands on an undisclosed amount. “ServiceNow will provide internal mapping capabilities to employees who record offices, conference rooms, workplaces and workplace resources, as well as orientation from a computer or mobile device into offices.” , The buyer notes, indicates that these functions will be integrated into its platform “Eliminate work-oriented stress and time”.

Up Richett Ledo. The team, which specializes in payment solutions and services for social and local applications, takes on the undeclared – start-up function of digital solutions and services for CSEs and SMEs without a CSE. Buyer is looking “Access organizations with a strong digital culture, support the digital transformation of some CSEs and democratize access to social and cultural interests through CSEs and SMEs” . He also expresses his purpose While supporting the completion of the proposed solutions, to protect Leto’s governance and autonomy within an experienced and sustainable team.

Humans Matter receives proponia. The company, an expert in cognitive design, specializes in supporting people with deafness and hearing impairments in the process of Grenoble-based start-up – for undisclosed amounts. The buyer explains that he wants to “Provide a solution to a health problem that is highly underestimated, while age-related deafness is the most common occurrence because it is estimated that 70% of people over the age of 65 have deafness.” . Humans Matter will now distribute the MyProfonia app, which will help patients improve their brain comprehension in conversations, delay brain damage related to hearing loss, as well as provide professionals with Proponia Pro.

Das gets Mobility Plus. The company specializes in outsourcing and management of mobile telecom policy, taking on the function of Paris Startup, an expert in unpublished – integrated terminal management solutions. The buyer mentions that he maintains the brand and its teams, which will also provide new financial and business resources. DOS will include consulting, integration and security offerings in its services, which will be based on Mobility Plus. He notes that the new company is bringing together 30 employees. Recruitment has been announced.

Content Square buys Hodge. Scalpe gets its hands on the operation of its Maltese rival Hodge – in the form of an undisclosed amount – in the form of a site to enhance and analyze the user experience. The latter will allow it to expand its mission because it works with smaller companies than its traditional customers. Content Square refers to it “Hotjar will be free in a short time” , Will retain its 190 employees and continue to operate in its 33 markets. As a reminder, this is the sixth acquisition of the French scale in two years. The new board has more than 1,000 employees, and 1,500 recruitments have already been announced for the next three years.

Weaselnt spaces from Weebind. The founders of the startup, with the launch of an online event management software, raised debt to capture all the capital. Confirmed by Sebastian de Tabal and Pierre-Henry DePaul Challenges “Always have operational control” However, since 2015 the e-commerce has held 60% of its capital. Working on “Second Ticket Office in France, Behind the French Billet” and “Software for Managing Staff and Volunteers”.

XAnge 4 reaches first completion at மில்லியன் 125 million. Launched by venture capital expert XAnge, the fund aims for a final investment of 200 200 million. He “By investing in early tickets from 300,000 euros, which will continue to be the focus of the initial phase, it could go up to 10 million euros during the big round of financing in Series B.”. As a reminder, XAnge’s portfolio includes companies such as Lydia, Believe and Ledger. The company, which operates in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, made 35 investments and 4 outflows by 2020.

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