In 2017, Joel Emboide’s ugly prophecy about the Sixers

La véritable hécatombe qui touche les Sixers NBA

Amid the turmoil in the Ben Simmons case, the Sixers are now facing a much worse situation. Joel Empit should look at this in particular With great concern … in fact, a few years ago such a situation was predicted!

It seems unlikely that Ben Simmons will be a Billy player for long. The Australian, who was maneuvered from all sides after his poor playoffs, was in the hot seat for a while, He has officially demanded to relinquish his rights. The end of a promising couple, but failed Joel Empit.

The whole drama surrounding the issue has greatly annoyed the process, Who violently attacked fans long ago. All we can say is that it did not rain in Pennsylvania … in fact, The third vote for the MVP was wiped out in its proper form following his announcement. Suffice it to say that Cameroon did not have a good time …

This should have made him even more anxious since he had predicted such a situation in the past. During the interview with ESPNIn 2017, he questioned his future relationship with Simmons and Marcelle Fulds, who were newly drafted in the first place. He immediately supported group sentiment in order to avoid tension following external interventions:

I think the main thing we need to do above all else is to be together, because it seems to me that there will be a certain kind of situation where people will say who is the best between the three of us. How we create section.

Four years ago, Empit really feared that a crowd of big players in Billy would face such a catastrophe. Fulds is now not particularly mistaken when it comes to Magic and Simmons … especially at the time, when he bluntly referred to a similar situation in Thunder:

I saw what happened in Oklahoma City James Horton, Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant I don’t want that to happen here.

If the case of the Sixers differs from that of the OKC, it is clear that their results are very similar. Anyway, in the coming weeks, we don’t want to be the owner. The atmosphere does not have to be particularly happy …

In early 2017, Joel Empit expressed his fears about the Philadelphia group’s eruption. Four years later, his nightmares are coming true …

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