Facial recognition, geolocation … Australia’s scariest use against Covid 19

Facial recognition, geolocation ... Australia's scariest use against Govt-19

Due to the epidemic, passengers traveling from one state to another in Australia are subject to 14-day isolations. To ensure compliance with this rule, South Australia has been developing and testing the Home Isolated SA mobile application since this week, which is particularly unique for penetration.

Why? Because it combines facial recognition and geolocation to verify that people are lonely. A first. In concrete mode, the officers send text messages at random times and the persons concerned should take a selfie at the said place within 15 minutes. If the answer is not satisfactory, the local police are sent to the scene for a check.

Across Australia may be affected

It is currently designed for returnees from New South Wales and Victoria. But this test could affect the entire federation. “I think every South Australian should be proud that we are the national pilot of the home isolation application.”South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall said, according to ABC News Australia. He is scheduled to submit his findings to the National Cabinet in the coming weeks. But he is already optimistic about expanding the application to international travelers. According to him, the interest is to save money in hotel rooms and release the mobilized police forces to carry out isolation.

Find out more in the video:

This is not an isolated attempt in the country. Western Australia has invited private company Genwis to develop an isolated application called G2G, but only for isolation for interstate travel. The same goes for Tasmania. It works on a QR code similar to our Health Pass, but without restricting users with selfies.

“I firmly believe that the technology we have developed within the Government of South Australia will become a national standard and will be used nationwide.”, Said Steven Marshall confidently. Concerned about the Atlantic, one wonders whether Australia has not tested the limits of democracy through this application.

proof’s: Atlantic, ABC News Australia, Home Isolation S.A.

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