Australia seeks Australia B project if submarine ship “Century Agreement” fails

Australia seeks Australia B project if submarine ship "Century Agreement" fails

Australia is considering alternative solutions to the failure of the “Century Agreement” that ended with the French, which will build 12 submarines for the massive island-continent’s navy, the head of Australia announced this Wednesday (June 2). The deal, worth $ 68 billion (56 56 billion), was concluded with the French naval team (formerly-DCNS) for the construction of these 12 conventionally operated submarines in Australia, accused of violating the manufacturer’s defense budget and delays. The question of the continuation of this plan is an important subject in terms of Australian domestic policy.

Next week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is scheduled to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Senate Greg Moriardi, the most senior official in the Australian Ministry of the File, said in an inquiry on Wednesday that “it is prudent to consider alternatives if this plan cannot proceed.” “With caution, the ministry is developing an emergency plan,” he added, adding that the government is “absolutely committed” to resolving the Navy’s problems.

Australian officials, however, said the details of the “Plan B” would be categorized. Mr. Moriarty clarified that he had been studying the matter specifically for several months and that there were no submarines or submarines in it. “I have thought a lot about this issue over the last 12 months because I know we are having trouble with this next generation submarine project,” he added.

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The Navy team was selected in 2016 for the construction of these submarines, with the first delivery scheduled for 2032. After that, however, the implementation of the plan was hectic. The boss of French businessman Pierre-Eric Pommellet recently moved to Australia. There, he promised 60% of the value of the plan for Canberra to return to Australia as needed. However, both parties have not yet succeeded in finalizing the next phase of the $ 3 billion deal, which was scheduled for earlier this year. Agreement to create 2,800 jobs in this country and at the same time in France, employing 500 people mainly in the design sector. Australian military experts believe these submarines will help Australia provide a reliable deterrent in hostile action.

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