Australia equalizes its bonus

Australia equalizes its bonus

– Released September 3, 2021

Tokyo 2020

Equality is moving. Australian authorities on Thursday, September 2, announced in a press release that they would award a bonus equivalent to the Tokyo Paralympic medalists, or Olympic medalists, up to A $ 20,000 (approximately 500 12,500). Controversy has been raging in the country for some days over the unequal conduct between the two events. Two female athletes, rugby player Chloe Dalton and disabled trio Katie Kelly, Even launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of the Paralympic medalists. “In line with the bonus given to Tokyo Olympic medalists, our government will ensure that Australian Paralympic athletes who win medals at the Tokyo Games receive a bonus.Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Sports Minister Richard Kolbeck said in a joint statement. This decision ensures that Paralympics Australia can reward our Paralympic champions on par with the financial assistance provided by the Australian Olympic Committee to medal-winning athletes in Tokyo.. “Australia won 46 medals, including 17 gold, at the Tokyo Olympics. He finished sixth in the medal table. At the Paralympics, his delegation finished eighth on Friday, September 3, with 70 medals, including 18th gold, at the end of the morning session. One of its athletes, cyclist PJ Grigo (pictured above), also won the first gold medal of the sport, winning the individual effort on Wednesday, August 25th.

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