5 pictures to enjoy by the weekend

5 pictures to enjoy by the weekend

HBO Max This is an interesting concept within streaming services. The options for your subscribers are varied enough to satisfy the whole family. There are series for all tastes, animated films, plays and action films. You are a fan Dr. Miracle, Roswell Where Star girl? The characteristics of different options are very different and will not leave anyone out.

In this case, we will underline Five pictures Recently added to the service so you can enjoy the rest of the week. We talk about healthy humor, action, suspense and horror. There are so many different types to choose from, if you have the time, you can watch all the movies that come with success. Who wouldn’t love to see Jason Statham fight a shark?

+5 HBO Max Movies to Watch Before the Weekend

5. Green paper

An African-American pianist appointed a tough Italian-American as his driver and bodyguard on a tour of South America in the fall of 1962, leading them into an era of land and intolerance of intolerant racism. Vico Mortensen And Maharshala Ali By participating in this program they give themselves a professional taste.

4. Mega

Jason Statham He stars in this film, where he works as a professional diver, which he knows in his personal life. In this case, a team of scientists attacks a dangerous prehistoric shark: A megalodon. Ambition will be a bad mentor for all the characters who take part in the adventure on a journey that ends in tragedy.

3. Gringo: Must be dead or alive

It’s a combination of dark comedy and action. It tells the struggle for the survival of the entrepreneur Harold Choinka (David Oylovo) Authorities will do everything necessary to catch him after he goes as a wanted criminal from a law-abiding citizen.

2. Disgusting I

Crane A villain with the intention of committing the most amazing theft in history: of the moon. With help Allies, Delicate human figures in the form of yellow pills, and three girls, trying to carry out the project to transform him into this unique character The most famous villain in the world.

1. Criminal accommodation

Los Angeles, 2028! An arms dealer, a French hitman, thieves and an injured policeman enter. Hotel ArtemisThe private hospital for criminals run by the mysterious woman invites everyone The Nurse. A star-studded actor for an action story that has captivated audiences around the world.

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