NASA’s largest asteroid orbits Earth As this large asteroid moves rapidly towards Earth, scientists have expressed their fears

धरती की ओर तेजी से बढ़ रहा विशाल Asteroid, आकार 'स्टैच्यू ऑफ लिबर्टी' से भी 3 गुना बड़ा

Washington: Scientists at the US space agency NASA are constantly monitoring an asteroid that could hit Earth. This asteroid is rapidly moving towards the Earth’s orbit. According to scientists, the size of the asteroid is three times larger than the ‘Statue of Liberty’.

Scientists observe 60 days

NASA says the meteorite will be able to enter Earth orbit in 2021 NY1. Scientists have been monitoring this for the past 60 days.

According to the US space agency NASA, 2021 NY1 is one of 17 near-Earth objects coming close to Earth. It is moving towards the earth at a speed of 33659 kilometers per hour.

The asteroid can enter Earth’s orbit

NASA says the 2021 NY1 asteroid is 130-300 meters in diameter and the ‘Statue of Liberty’ is only 93 meters high. Scientists believe the asteroid will pass safely at a distance of 1497473 km from Earth. On September 22, the asteroid may enter Earth’s orbit.

Why do scientists want to go to Mars when the sun is hot? This is the reason

NASA says 22 such asteroids are likely to hit Earth. Currently, the US space agency is monitoring about 2,000 meteorites.

Chance of collision

NASA is monitoring another asteroid named 2021 QC1. Scientists have revealed the possibility that this asteroid will pass more than three million miles from Earth. In addition, in a NASA study, scientists have revealed the possibility of the asteroid Pennu 2300 hitting Earth.

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