“Midnight in Paris”: Woody Allen alone in Sean

Owen Wilson dans « Minuit à Paris », sur les quais, rêvant des années 1920.

Posted on September 1, 2021, at 5:15 PM

Latin Quarterly, Champs-Elysees, Bond-Newf, Park Moncio … “Midnight Paris” opens with a series of postcards sent by Woody Allen from the French capital. It should be in the spring or early summer. Gill and his fiance are on vacation in France. For Gill, a screenwriter in Hollywood, this trip is a questionable occasion: Shouldn’t he have settled in Paris, as he has always dreamed of, rather than knitting scenes for studios? One evening at midnight, an old Peugeot of the 1920s stands in front of him on the steps of Saint-Etienne-to-Mont Church. On board, Francis Scott welcomes Fitzgerald. From now on, every night, Gill will make a leap at the right time, looking for his new friends: Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Man Ray, DS Elliott, Cole Porter … and the beautiful Adrian, Picasso’s museum and boyfriend.

A variation of Cinderella’s legend, “Midnight in Paris” belongs to Woody Allen’s cinema’s wonderful nerve, for films that make dreams possible. In “The Purple Rose of Cairo”, a movie hero escapes from the screen and joins Mia Farrow. Instead, Owen Wilson wants to escape an XXIe The disappointing century (and his future mother-in-law) was able to capture itself by the incredible charm of the imagined past.

The lost world

In his depression, he was probably a normal loafer. On vacation, don’t we travel over time? Our vision shows old buildings, guides and books traces of images of the past, traces the shadow of heroes in novels, the landscape of places where the pictures we love are filmed. The viewer revives the lost world and the whole city becomes a masterpiece. ” How can an artist bring a book, a symphony or a sculpture that can compete with a big city? “ Gill asks. ” Look around you, there is no street, no avenue without an artistic expression … .

“Midnight in Paris” is already ten years old. The weather was bad this summer and the Parisians, which was original, complained about the weather. We should have seen this picture again, Leah Zedox’s smile: ” Paris is still beautiful in the rain “Let the French woman and the American go alone at night on the bridge of Alexander III. Around them, Woody Allen weaves beads of colorful fog. The magical light that tells them that they are in love, that Paris is a feast.

Midnight in Paris

American film

Woody Allen

With: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Carla Bruni …

1 hour 40.

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