Mars: ‘Don’t Drop’ NASA’s Perseverance Rover

মঙ্গল থেকে পারসিভের‌্যান্সের পাঠানো ছবি। ছবি: নাসা

Despite the first-time failure, NASA scientists are trying to collect samples again, the Senate said. NASA scientists identified a rock for the second attempt and named it ‘Rochet’. The diligent rover will damage the stone slightly at first. Scientists will test whether the rosette is suitable for NASA research. If appropriate, the robot will collect a sample equivalent to a pencil by drilling into the stone.

NASA wants to bring Mars soil and rocks to Earth and do research. The main purpose of the study is to answer the question of whether the climate of Mars has ever been suitable for living in the present or in the past. Despite failing to collect samples for the first time, NASA scientists have embarked on a new endeavor.

Diligence wanders the hillside of ‘Citadel’. NASA said in a statement, “The rock layer at the top of the cliff is thought to have been eroded by the wind. This is a sign that the rocks will not break when drilled.”

NASA said that after the failure of the first attempt to collect the samples, there will be a diligent camera during the second attempt. This will allow NASA scientists to confirm whether the samples were actually collected in a sample tube.

However, NASA researchers hope to get scientific information from the first prototype tube. Ken Forley, a scientist at NASA’s diligence program, said, “In the context of the formation of the atmosphere on Mars, we hope to answer many scientific questions by bringing the samples back to Earth.

Diligence is currently filming the surface of Mars. Besides, research data on the weather and geography of Mars is being collected. NASA’s Mars is also investigating whether there are any signs of ancient germs. The collection of Martian soil and rocks for Earth research is considered a major breakthrough in space exploration.

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