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Eight states in the United States have announced that they will soon allow the issuance of residential ID cards and driver’s licenses through the iOS wallet processor and WatchOS. Apple has defined the ability to display currencies in conjunction with government agencies in Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and finally Utah. airport.

The process is simple. Just like with a credit card, all you have to do is scan the document through the app, review the information, and then add it.

Nothing in France, everything in Europe

As practical and fast as having your health subscription in your wallet, we can’t wait to do the same in France. The problem is, they still have a long way to go. If the three pink driving license is the old story now, France is not trying to switch to a virtual license because it has been replaced by more compact and secure documents in the form of a bank card since 2013.

In France, this question has no work to do. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry confirmed that the project had not taken place in France. Therefore, it is not possible to find an effective solution, as in Spain, where the government allows licensing of claim licenses.

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But this French wait approach can be explained. To find a plan on the ground, you have to look to Europe. The 2006 amendment to the Driving License Order is currently in progress. “We will help achieve the goals of the EU as defined in our intelligent and sustainable movement strategy, taking into account new challenges, especially from the perspective of the movement, especially in the digital arena. Last year.

Thus, between April and May 2021, the first donation request was made at the European level, collecting 2,213 views. The next phase of the public consultation is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. It is necessary to wait until the fourth quarter of 2022 for the commission to review and approve the file. A representative of the French Interior Ministry confirmed that he would continue to participate in this initial work, but was not ready to complete it.

A little more patience …

As a result, by law, the work is ongoing and must comply with the unacceptable duration of these orders and application in national law. Technically, if a solution for measurement like Spain has been developed or you have teamed up with a giant company like Apple, ISO will drop the ISO / IEC 18013-5 standard. It aims to regulate mobile driving licenses (mDL) that use chips or biometric data, and is enforced by Apple. Since the standard is in the pre-release stage, most of the work seems to be done as the final verification is completed.

So, we have to wait a while before presenting these personal identification documents from his phone. Therefore, in France, smartphones will not have a dematerialization license until 2023.

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