Title security, we will not attack anyone / article

Title security, we will not attack anyone / article

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in a joint military exercise in Zabat-2021, Lukashenko said on Wednesday, September 1, with the aim of strengthening the defense capabilities of the two countries.

Lukashenko in “Zabat-21” military exercisesUis Lbietis

Mr Lukashenko explained that if anyone had any doubts about the training, foreign delegates could come and observe.

“We have a common air defense system and a common security policy. We have an army, so it needs to be trained and trained. That’s why we organize this training. Title security, because we’m not going to attack anyone. We do not need it. They worry that we will almost return to the Baltic states – we will go to Kaliningrad on the Svalki corridor and return to the Baltic states.

No one needs Baltics! We learn to protect ourselves. We will coordinate the operations of our forces and identify our weaknesses and strengthen them, although in general the situation is more or less normal, ”he said.

Mr Lukashenko said Russia had signed an order to supply Belarus with dozens of aircraft and helicopters, key components of a missile defense system and S-400 missile equipment.

“In short, we will strengthen ourselves and if we know that something is missing somewhere in this exercise, we will buy what we need in the Russian Federation. This is a fair and transparent policy,” the Belarusian leader said.


The Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia will hold joint events from September 10 to 16 Military Exercises “Zapad-2021This is the most ambitious exercise Moscow has conducted with the Belarusian military in recent years.

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