Scientists have found ancient written evidence of earthquakes in the Aztec code. Photo

Scientists have found ancient written evidence of earthquakes in the Aztec code.  Photo

Scientists say they have discovered a Aztec document describing an earthquake in the United States. The Delleriano-Remens Codex was developed in Mexico in the 16th century.

This document mentions the repair of the earthquake in the pre-Hispanic region. Seismic research letters… Scientists say the codex refers to earthquakes that occurred between 1460 and 1542.

Thus, the document contains descriptions of the 1496 earthquake, which “shook three mountains off the coast of the province of Sociedag and caused a landslide in the area inhabited by the Job people.” The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

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Delleriano-remensis code

The researchers pointed out that it is difficult to accurately determine the exact location of the disaster, the extent of the damage and the number of victims. However, this proves the first written fact in the “seismic history” of the United States.

“Earthquakes are important to the natives of modern Mexico from a cosmological point of view,” the scientists explained.

Ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs said that the universe was a rotating natural mechanism in which times changed, historians say. Each such era had its own sun, and the process of changing times with various natural disasters took place: floods, earthquakes, fires and so on.

Aztec code

The Telleriano-Remensis Codex was created by specialized writers called tlacuilos, meaning “painters”. This document was written on European paper using pre-Hispanic codes. For example, the word earthquake is referred to as “tlaollin” in the document.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, Near an ancient Mayan cave in MexicoCheney discovered the mysteriously painted fingerprints.

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