TV box. Camille Campbell, The first mysterious chapter of “My or in uniform”

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In June, Camille Campbell announced the latest edition of “Une Family” at the beginning of the school year. He did not lie. The first two issues (finally) will come in TF1 on Tuesday 31st August.

But I was surprised where we expected the daytime broadcast schedule! To watch the first movie you have to wait until 11:35 pm and the end of the “Co-Landa” episode and to watch the last movie until 1:35 in the morning. In the middle of the week, if you manage consistently, the night will be less.

In particular, the first successful series of programs already in the box were “Everything Starts Here” (6.30pm) and “Demain Estinus” (7.20pm). The choice, at the very least, is confusing because it is a question of immediate change, in March 2020, due to the health crisis and film interruptions.

The first page finally explains that the new version has nothing to do with the original game. The name and buzzer sound the same, but as an extension to another game, we have confirmed the decision to install it in the evening. Entertainment.

This highly revised adaptation sounds like an American “comedy game”. In this game, candidates do not stick, on the contrary, they are very comfortable and stage themselves from credits. I even wonder if they are actors.

And Kamil Conwell? Well, he does Camille Conwell, a supercharged comedian, school jokes, magnet, paintings and two antiques sometimes in between unusual questions … In short, he is better than his predecessors.

“This is my dad’s favorite show.”

The show, which became a cult in the 90s, attracted nearly 7 million followers every day. He saw iconic editors such as the late Patrick Roy (who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 40 and replaced by Bernard Monty), Laurent Cabrol, Pascal Bruner or Christophe de Sauvignes.

The rules are the same even if the mood improves significantly. Two families face to face need to find the most given answer in a group of 100 French people to a series of questions. Winners of the first round will advance to the finals with the aim of winning the jackpot of up to 100,000.

At the time, it was my dad’s most favorite show. Now he is a fan Don’t forget the lyricsHe doesn’t sing much in karaoke … Earlier this year, the host will be very much into the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” from the beginning and on a special evening. Soprano, from the 80s.

TV box. Camille Campbell, The first mysterious chapter of “My or in uniform”

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