NFL | Vaccinated players will be tested each week

NFL |  Vaccinated players will be tested each week

Under the revised season protocols approved by the NFL and the Players’ Association, players who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 will be tested weekly instead of every 14 days.

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The weekly test is fully applicable to Immunization Level 1 and 2 employees. According to a note sent to the groups by the Associated Press on Monday, there is an option for a second trial for those interested.

Those who are fully vaccinated do not have to wait for results before entering a team facility. Each club must conduct its tests for three days.

Non-vaccinated players will be tested daily.

Each travel team on the non-player team will be reduced to a maximum of 75 people. Masks should be worn during travel, food consumption should be “kept to a minimum” and seats should be allocated.

In addition, public transportation is prohibited for all members of the travel party and non-vaccinated soldiers or staff cannot use private transportation.

Last week, the NFL said 93% of players were vaccinated.

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