Destruction Rebellion blocks the Tower Bridge to warn of an environmental emergency

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By Stephen Jermaine | Posted on 08/31/2021 at 3:11 pm Updated on 08/31/2021 at 3:24 pm

On Monday, environmental activists from the Destructive Rebellion movement besieged Tower Bridge in London, disrupting traffic in the capital.

As part of a two-week campaign to warn of a weather emergency, Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that “activists used vans and caravans to block access to the famous London Bridge”. This Vacation “Summer bank holidays“Traffic in the British capital was severely disrupted by activists, who blocked the northern junction of the bridge.

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Linking Tower Bridge Southwark to London’s business hub City is nothing but innocent and strategic. Activists warned “These activities (marking the beginning of a week of intervention in the City of London)“Before adding”If this district were a country, it would be the ninth carbon emitter on the planet. ”

The devastating insurgency, known by the acronym “XR”, began a series of operations last Monday, calling on the British government to act “urgently” in the environmental situation. They are opposed to public investment, mainly in fossil fuels. “None of the city’s top ten investors have come up with a serious plan to eliminate fossil fuels because they promise they will reach net zero by 2050.”, Denounced the activists with the clock symbol.

Activists staged a night-time protest at the Science Museum in London. Some of them got stuck in the rails inside the museum to protest its partnership with the oil company Shell at the Greenhouse Gas Exhibition.Our future planet”.

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