What is this strange dragon-like dinosaur found in Australia? – West-France evening edition

What is this strange dragon-like dinosaur found in Australia?  - West-France evening edition

A new type of sterosor has recently been discovered by researchers in Australia. A 7 meter wide dinosaur with a jaw reminiscent of a dragon from a fantasy movie or a fairy tale.

Are dragons just glorious creatures? Some types of dinosaurs come close to the origin of these imaginary creatures. Long neck, wings and jaw with sharp teeth … The latest breed to show such characteristics is a steroid discovered in Australia by researchers at the University of Queensland on the St. Lucia campus near Brisbane. Geo.fr.

The results of their work were published in the online journal August 9th Journal of Spinal Archeology. It is said to be the largest sterosor ever discovered and documented in Australia.

Seven meter wings

A team of scientists led by Timothy Richards examined a fossil discovered ten years ago, in 2011. The jaw under the bone found, the lower part of the animal’s jaw. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the quarry near Richmond in northwestern Queensland.

Researchers have been able to establish that the dinosaur is a new, unrecognized model in Australia. They named him தபுங்கக ஷாவி. Compared to the two already known storer models in the country, this last discovered dinosaur has special characteristics.

According to analyzes, it is about 7 meters wide, with a long skull, about a meter long, a crane-shaped muzzle and about forty sharp teeth …

An art restoration of Stroesser in Queensland. (Image: UQ University / DR)

A closer look at a dragon

Given this, the animal has something to fear. And the opposite is not true of the author of the study. In a statement released on Tuesday, he stressed on the side “Impressive” Of the animal: This new sterosor must have been a powerful creature […], Probably the most wild “ Timothy Richards said In a press release. The scientist imagines a monster “Proposes him You would have heard the big shadow coming late on the trembling little dinosaurs..

For researchers, comparisons with dragons are reasonable. “It’s very close to a real dragon. Timothy Richards continues. We have basically a skull with a long neck, attached to a pair of long wings. “

Timothy Richards led the study that led to the identification of the fossil. (YouTube / UQ Science Screen Shot)

A rare invention

With its impressive teeth, this was enough to scare away other predatory creatures. A creature “Broccoli is not cut to eat”, The scientist jokingly told the British media Defender.

This storehouse may have lived in Australia 110 million years ago. And if its discovery is exceptional, it is very rare to find fossils of this species. “The presence of fossils of these animals is amazing,” he said. Timothy Richards said.

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